MFA, 1987
University of Chicago

Residency Staatliche
Akademie der Bildenden Kunst
Karlsruhe, FRG

Free will demands autonomy, utopia obedience. Still, we irresistibly indulge hope of the former and fantasy of the latter while dismissing their irreconcilability.

The injury we invite that evinces our living emotions, the pain we inflict to demonstrate we are of consequence, those words that impel us that we will never utter; all are evidence that we are unfit to recognize, and fearful to tell, the truth. All artworks worthy of consideration are purposing toward the same realization; confession. The moment art attempts philosophy (crudely drawn) or science (sadly naive) it is an admission of failure. Narrative is our touchstone, hermetic or lavish, and the only artistic strategy capable of uncloaking ourselves to us. It is the visual equivalent of revealed religion.

We are mercurial characters dependant upon our audience; we desire to win praise, lure the unwitting, garner sympathy, or the dozen different façades we mount in order to account ourselves finer than we know ourselves to be. Art making is but one of those façades. We baptize ourselves in its swift historical river but are so intoxicated by its waters we are unable distinguish ecstasy from foundering–but as William Blake noted with humorously tragic clarity, "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

Utopia’s derivation is "no place". Our free will is a sham for we are hardwired toward farce. The artist is a part, not apart, and no amount of earnest haste can distance noble flesh from its verso of corrupted meat. So we balance, head swiveling, divulging each side's secrets to the other.

Full Of Spiders,
Oil, acrylic , ink on paper, 60x40

Dissolve Like Show,  2006
Oil, acrylic , ink on  paper, 60x40

All To Reign,  2007
Oil, acrylic , ink on  paper, 60x40

It's Bitter Perfume,  2007
Oil, acrylic , ink on paper, 60x40

Here We Are,  2007
Oil, acrylic , ink on  paper, 60x40

The Glassy Sea,  2007
Oil, acrylic , ink on  paper, 60x40

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