Eoin Breadon

We often perceive a divide between scientific study and artistic expression:  logical v. emotional; analytical v. intuitive; quantitative v. qualitative.  Reconciliation of the idea and the experience, where the context shifts from the expected to the abstract, and our historically based predictions are altered by the forced re-evaluation from changes in presentation.  My current work lives in this space between what is felt and what is defined.  By using and abstracting the human form, I am taking a recognizable and understood object and redefining the interaction with the viewer.  It is the exploration of what creates our understanding of the physical self, the tangible shell that represents our intellectual, spiritual, and cultural development.  

Manipulating glass in its molten state as the primary medium, I am able to incorporate the more visceral aspects of experience as I form it by hand.  Combined with manufactured elements, I seek to reconcile the less tangible aspects of experience with corporeal reality.

ú  Chulláin,  2007
Hot sculpted and blown glass,
23" x 24" 10"

Reliquaries  9 / 11,  2007
Blown and hot sculpted glass 

Ascension,  2007
Hot sculpted and blown glass, steel base
77" x 12" x 18" 

Reliquaries 12 / 13,  2007
Blown and hot sculpted glass
38" x 6 / 32" x 5.5

Reliquary 12 (detail)

Reliquary 12 (detail)