Seann Brackin
MFA , 2007
Claremont Graduate University

BFA, 2003
Pacific Northwest College of Art

We are a part of an enormous cosmic whirlpool where life is the rarest element.  I imagine myself as a slow nuclear explosion reflecting light, dust, air, sound, and emotions into the world.  In my paintings I use color to create shapes from freehand lines left behind in a dance to picture life and thought as energy, a point in our universe to be discovered and explored.
  Our combined ideas make an infinite universe.  To connect pinpoints in this universe, I use the time-space travel devices.  I see these ships as a metaphor for the mind.  In thought we go back in time as we relive and recreate our past actions.  Going forward in time, we decide what we will do the next time and how we will direct our lives.  Understanding the thoughts of others, despite differences, is equal to traveling light-years to another planet.  When our imagination/ spaceships make it to that other planet the triumph of comprehension generates a euphoric awareness and mental expansion.  The armed conflict and conquest we have been forced to normalize as a part of our culture is obsolete and absurd in the face of this elated coupling.

 Seann Brackin

During the Third,  2006
Oil on canvas,  95.5" x 66"

Time-Space Cargo Cruiser, 2006
38" x 27" x 30"

Luminious Fountain, 2006
Oil on canvas,  95.5" x 67.75"

Time-Space Luxury Cruiser, 2006
30" x 54" x 30"

The Life,  2006
Oil on canvas, 93" x 47.5"

Time-Space Scout Ship, 2006
9" x 16" x 21"